Instructional Planning

Lesson Planning – The graduate prepares appropriate lesson plans.

This assignment combines the following objectives into a single piece of work.

Objective: Describe how to organize a given lesson around content.
Objective: Create two lesson plans for a class in your discipline at the appropriate level.
Objective: Describe how a unit of instruction supports local guidelines and student academic content standards.
Objective: Locate sample lessons and units in the Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC) and other appropriate educational resources.
Objective: Select instructional resources found outside the classroom.
Objective: Evaluate selected Internet resources for accuracy and appropriateness.
Task B: Secondary Certification
Create an original unit consisting of two lesson plans in Social Studies that you design. Attach the unit and lesson plans when you submit this task for evaluation. In your unit and lesson plans, include the following:
A. Browse the standards for your state (SOUTH CAROLINA) and select the standards on which you would like to base your unit. In a separate document, write two to three paragraphs explaining how your unit of instruction supports local guidelines and student academic content standards. Remember to submit this with your task.
B. Write four instructional goals for your unit (two for each lesson plan). Enter the goals in the Objectives field in the Unit and Lesson Builder templates. For information and examples of goals and objectives, see Chapter 3, Effective Teaching Methods.
C. Write twelve measurable objectives (three for each goal).
D. Browse the sites given below, as well as any Internet resources you may be aware of, for ideas related to the Procedures section of your lesson plans. Review two separate Internet resources. In a separate document, write two or three paragraphs, per source, evaluating the resource by at least three of the following standards: age-appropriateness, the accuracy of the content, usability of the resource in the classroom, and the accommodation of different learning styles. Cite the resources you evaluated.

E. In each of your lessons, include at least two varied instructional resources found outside of the classroom. One must be an Internet resource of some kind. List these in the Resources section of the template in APA format.
F. Every component of each of the Lesson Builders and the Unit Builder templates must be completed. For a summary of what else should be included in the various sections of the templates, see Chapter 4, Effective Teaching Methods.
Note: Please save word-processing documents as *.pdf (Portable Document Format) files.


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