Job Search & Resume

Business ADMinistration 101


Job Search & Resume

Date Assigned: Week 10

Date Due: Nov 14



The purpose of this activity is to determine opportunities for electronic recruiting.

Many organizations enhance their work processes through technology. For example, in the strategic function of human resource management, many organizations have automated the staffing and employment process. This process includes resume processing, applicant and employee tracking, and comprehensive management reporting.

The Internet has expanded employers’ avenues for recruiting while saving money. For example,

Messages about openings can be posted on the Internet.

Interested applicants can submit their resumes electronically.

Employers can browse resumes of job candidates.


Find and list up to five management jobs available in Butte, Tehama Glenn, or Yuba counties.

Describe how job applicants should write and submit resumes. (

Discuss how electronic resumes differ from traditional resumes

In a separate document, create your personal resume for one of the jobs listed and include a cover letter.


about me; ( to write for the personal resume )


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