Leadership Studies

Question One

“We know surprisingly little about mergers and acquisitions, despite the buckets of ink spilled on the topic.”  Bower, 2001.

Explain the reasons why companies engage in an M&A strategy, and discuss how managers can successfully address the challenges M&A’s pose.

Question Two

 One aim of a successful diversification strategy is to maximise synergy between business interests.  Explain the importance of achieving synergy in diversification strategies by making specific reference to potential sources of synergy and the role of the corporate parent in creating and managing synergies.

Question Three

The CEO of your company has asked you be responsible for implementing a major strategic change initiative. At the next management meeting you are asked to present a paper outlining how you would effectively manage the change process, explaining the importance, obstacles and success factors associated with strategic change.

Question Four

 From the journal articles, cases and theories you have studied critically evaluate the role of strategic leadership in creating value for organisations.


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