One central theme that runs through The Collector of Treasures and So Long a Letter is the theme of education. Using at least one relevant story from the collection The Collector of Treasures and the novel So Long a Letter, please write a comparative paper in which you explore the theme of education as a human endeavor.

Here are a few questions to guide you in your exploration :
(1) From your reading of the texts, how would you say the texts define “education?” Is there one “education” or are there various types of education presented in the texts? Does this “education” or do these types of education seem to have a purpose or purposes? If so, what is that purpose or what are those purposes?
(2) Is education valued ? Is it fully embraced ? If so, by whom and why? Is it fully resisted? If so, by whom and why? Is education free (in terms of money) or does it cost anything (in money, sacrifices, reputation, etc.)? Are there any legitimate critiques? Are there any unfounded critiques?
(3) Does education or the types of education live up to their intended or stated purposes? Why or why not? Do the narrators, in your view, seem to suggest any correctives?


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