Assume you work for a company that manufactures laptop computers and has just come up with a new product that functions as a regular PC for half the cost. Knowing that you took an undergraduate international business course at Bentley, your boss asked you to conduct appropriate research and write a report evaluating available entry options to Brazil, the advantages and disadvantages of each alternative, and your recommendation.
Your alternatives include 1) exporting from US to Brazil 2) entering in a joint venture with a Brazilian company in order to manufacture the PCs in Brazil, and 3) starting a wholly owned subsidiary. Your report should include the following segments.
1. what are the external and internal factors that influence entry mode decisions?
2. Use the following databases to identify relevant information about Brazil that will help in deciding the entry mode for your company.

3. In light of the information you find, evaluate the pros and cons of each alternative (exporting, joint ventures, or a wholly owned subsidiary.)
4. Based on the above, what is your chosen alternative? Justify your position.
1. Please use only the references stated above for the answers in this term paper
2. Make sure to have footnotes and endnotes, clearly referring to the sources of information you use.

It does not have to be in essay form, it could be : 1,2,3 analyzing the three options of the company.


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