Managing financial resource and decision

Task 1: Explain Marks and Spencer PLC’s capital structure and associated cost of capital. Also explain how the cost of each source of finance can impact on the profitability and financial position of the company. For this purpose you are also required to explain various financial statements prepared under international accounting standard. You are also required to compare the financial statements of other forms of business organisations with the financial statements Marks and Spencer.
Task 2: Assume that you work as financial manager of a manufacturing company which intends to invest £50 million on purchasing plant and machinery and other capital items to produce a new product. Evaluate various/appropriate sources of finance and their costs, with reasons, available to this company.
Task 3 a): Show, using various costing and pricing methods, how you can calculate unit cost and selling price of the new product mentioned above for the purpose of estimating cash flows of the new project.
Task 3 b): Explain how you will evaluate financial viability of the above project using investment appraisal methods.
Task 4: interpret profitability, liquidity and financial position of tesco plc for the year ended 31st march using appropriate ratios.


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