Your assignment this week for working on your research paper is to choose a product to either export or import and a country from which to import or export. While this sounds like a simple task (and it is, relatively speaking), please consider carefully your choices. Ideally, the product should be one that interests you. The country of export or import should also be one which is interesting to you or which you know about already.

In choosing a product, you should think about the following (not an inclusive list, but a few ideas):

–is there massive competition for this product or is it somewhat unique?

–is this product manufactured or produced by a large company that already exports? (in which case, the paper is less of a research paper and more of a report – which is not the assignment. Examples include automobiles (except for specialty vehicles), computers and mobile telephones, etc.)

–is there information available on the country to which I wish to export or from which I wish to import?

–can I obtain information about product pricing?


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