Q1. Use the Cyclic Innovation Model to illustrate the innovation process in this case and provide a brief description?

Q2. With sales of iPod falling and Apple facing fierce competition from all quarters such as Sony, Dell, Samsung and other electronics firms as well as mobile phone makers who are incorporating MP3 players into their devices, can the iPod survive?

Q3. How can Apple influence future technology developments or establish strategic alliances to ensure it is a dominant force in the hand-held device that will incorporate both the cellphone and MP3 player?

What to focus on when analysing business cases
While analysing “any”case one should consider the following:
– identify the problem(s) in the situation presented in the scenario
– analyse the key issues within the context of the theory presented in your subject unit
– review the case scenarios based on the appropriate research methods, models, tools, techniques and strategies presented thus far in the subject
– evaluate similar examples and strategy used by various company’s/organizations
– develop and compare alternative solutions to the problems
– consider the advantages and disadvantages of various possible solutions or outcomes
– select the best solution, justify your reasons and make recommendations for action
– conduct background research in finding out updates in the strategy and outcomes that have happened since the period of the case for the selected company/organisation


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