1. The Advertising Age article below discusses sensory marketing.  After reading it, do some research to find a brand or product (not discussed in the Ad Age article) which is not marketed effectively using multiple sensory cues.  How would you suggest the product or brand be marketed to engage multiple senses more effectively?  Be specific, please, and make sure you consider the target market(s) when you are making recommendations.
  2. This question focuses on how a “shopper currency” framework may be used in developing an app aimed at discouraging a risky consumer behavior (e.g., smoking, driving while intoxicated, texting while driving, etc.) or encouraging a healthy one (for example, eating well, exercising, etc.).  Choose one risky or healthy behavior that especially interests you, and investigate a few of the existing apps that aim at helping people stop the risky behavior or start the healthy one.  Select two apps aimed at the behavior you’ve chosen to focus on, and compare and contrast them in terms of the kinds of incentives they employ to gain “shopper currencies”.  That is, what do they offer consumers in exchange for their attention (to the app contents), participation (downloading, installing, and using the app), advocacy (telling others about the app), and/or loyalty (continuing to use the app to help the consumer avoid the risky behavior or maintain the healthy one)? How effective is each app?  If either app is ineffective, explain why and what you could do to enhance its effectiveness.
  3. In Ch. 2 of his book, Solomon describes a four-piece framework for providing customer value.  Compare and contrast this framework with “experience design” Crawford discusses in Ch. 8.


Note: the four values discussed in ch2 are:

1-      A perfect product or service

2-      Delivered in a caring friendly manner

3-      On Time (as defined by the customer)

…With (because any of these three elements may #FAIL)

4-      the backing of an effective problem-resolution process


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