Part 1
Infomercials have become a huge direct marketing success. Yet some people think they are low-brow and corny, while others think they are slick marketing machines that peddle unique products you really can’t buy anywhere else. Tell us about your experience with infomercials. Have you bought from them? If so, did it work out? If not, why not and would you recommend them to a friend. If you haven’t bought from them, why not? Would you? Or wouldn’t you?¬†Explain your answer.

Part 2:

Calculate your own LTV for a good or service. This does not have to be direct marketing purchased, but it could be something that you currently use, and plan to use for a period of time. If you cannot think of a particular good or service, use your expenditures at MSVU for this exercise. Once you have calculated your LTV describe how you feel about it. Is it worth it to you (do you feel it is reasonable or justified), or do you think you are being ripped off? Explain your answer.


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