Mass Media

Essay Questions:

  1. 1.     Why is reality TV popular? What are the characteristics? Give examples.
  • They are real people & deal with the real life issues.. And  situations reflecting reality to some extend..
  • Entertaining
  • It does generate huge income for producers and so on..
  • It doesn’t cost a lot of money for TV channels to produce a reality TV.


2. Define a pressure group and what does it do. Give examples.

  • Voluntary groups not governmental.
  • They influence policy making bodies to serve the public. They can do a very good job in watchdogging for society.
  • There are three types of pressure groups.. one of them is promotional they make public aware about specific issue: ex: Green peace organization in the UK ( environmental groups) Recycling culture.. this is for the example.


  1. 3.     Can the media be objective? Why?
  • Can we achieve objectivity or truthful journalism?
  • What’s truth and what is objectivity is pretty much relevant?
  • To Aljazeera truth is something to BBC and CNN truth is slightly different?
  • Can we achieve objectivity or truth journalism?


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