Ok folks- let’s take the first step toward wrapping this up:

The MDCM (A) case examines the issues of formulating a set of IT objectives aligned with corporate strategy. Specifically, the case describes a firm that has grown rapidly through acquisitions. As a result of these acquisitions, the new conglomerate isn’t aligned with its competitive environment. The firm has therefore launched a new transformation strategy called Horizon 2000, but it has yet to develop a corresponding IT strategy. 

Your main objective with the “A” case is to create, align, and then articulate a set of tactical objectives in the context of a set of corporate strategy objectives and threats. Specifically, you’ll address these tasks:

  1. 1.      Refer to the Accenture document we used with the Alcan case. In which quadrant does MDCM fall? Why? 
  2. 2.      Define, based on the information given in the case, the overall strategic goals of this firm at this time.
  3. 3.      Define the competitive environment in which the firm operates- do this by performing a competitive forces analysis (aka 5 forces analysis) as discussed in course lecture. 
  4. 4.      Based on your competitive force analysis, determine the strategic response(s) MDCM should employ to address the most critical strategic threats identified in question 3.
  5. 5.      Finally, based on your analyses above and the information provided in the case, what are the critical tactical objectives for MDCM. Make sure you discuss this in the context of your strategic analysis. Remember- tactical objectives are NOT business systems projects per se. They are instead an articulation of what MDCM needs to do in order for it to reach its goals.

The specific assignment with respect to the “A” case is: 

You are a member of the MDCM executive team. Use the information given in this case to help solve this management crisis. You should define the type of business and overall corporate strategy for MDCM, the business environment in which MDCM operates, and the related strategic responses and tactical objectives.



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