Memoir by Jon Krakauer- “Into Thin Air”

Write an essay which includes the thesis from the book Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer. The thesis should be supported by quotation from the book and you must includes 1 more important quotation to be discussed in the essay. Discuss any ideas in the book which might apply to your own life and tell how this book has changed you or your thinking/ feeling. What is the best writing in this memoir? Why do you think so? Why it’s effective prose writing? Point out metaphor/simile/irony/alliteration/imagery/varied sentence structure/description if that contributes to what you think of as good writing. Is this writing Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Psychological, Spiritual? Show us. Make a general recommendation of the book, referring to style and content. Avoid value judgments that only reveal your own lack of academic experience, such as “hard to read,” or “boring.”


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