Milestone One: Project Overview

In 3-4 page Final Project Milestone #1, each individual will submit a project overview based on work beginning in Module Two. During Module Two, students are encouraged to share progress and ideas for their projects using the Course Project Discussion Board as a workspace. Each Individual will submit this deliverable as a Word document (.doc) submitted via TurnItIn, and this milestone will be graded using the Milestone One Rubric found at the bottom of this document. The overview of the project should address:
1. Justification:
Describe the reasons for creating this database, including a cost/benefit analysis of undertaking such a project.
Analyze the hypothetical ramifications of not creating a database for this particular project.
2. Requirements:
Describe the major features of your project in detail.
Analyze each major feature and explain your reasons for including each feature.
Discuss some of the features that could have been included and explain your reasons for choosing certain features over others.
3. Design considerations:
Describe the platform under which the project will run.
Describe and explain the table layout, including tables, fields, primary keys, foreign keys, and data types.
Detail the relationships between the tables, including process or data modeling diagrams.
4. User interface (UI):
Detail the process for deciding upon the final navigation scheme, including the criteria that prompted the UI design.


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