modern times (movie), enlightenment

1) describe charlie chaplain’s critique of man and machine relation under industrialization
do you agree with his critique? discuss

2) discuss progress, unemployment and crime as depicted in the movie compare with these examples with our reading “emergence of economy” by
what are similarities and differences?

3) does the movie also refer to the individuals of the enlightenment?? discuss with examples compare these examples with our reading- “the enlightenment and the birth of social science” by peter Hamilton

4) compare and contrast the individuals of the enlightenment with the individuals in the industrialized world, discuss using our reading and movie

5)define capital industrialization, why
Britain was the first industrialized country?

6)what were the eastern practices and ideas that were used in Britain industrialization

7)how has industrialization impact?
–emergence of new social groups
–emergence of new location
–emergence of new gender relation


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