Mourning Becomes Electra

Find and evaluate at least six authoritative, academic sources, NONE of which may be an Internet publication or the textbook, although the academic sources may be accessed through the web, i.e. by Google Books or JSTOR/LINCCWeb. Please see herefor more information about the required sources.
Note: Three of the six sources must be about the artist, and the other three of the six sources must be about the work of art.
Cite each source in the correct MLA format (see the OWL Purdue Online Writing Lab to learn how to cite your sources correctly).
Type write and save your submission as either a .doc/.docx/.rtf document.
The course header: your name, my name, course name and number, assignment name, due date, and word count (use the word count tool under the “Tools” header on MS Word to tally your words).
For each of your sources, you need to write a paragraph evaluating the source and assessing its usefulness for the essay question. You should address the following questions in each annotation:

A statement of the research question. Consider:
What is the author trying to address in this work?
What type of information is the source providing? (i.e. is it background information, primary facts and data, an argument, etc.)
Why was the source written? What is the argument that the author is presenting or what question is the author trying to answer?
A description of the research methods used (what type of data were collected and how were they collected; sample size, etc.).
Please specify whether the data were collected by the author (primary source) or whether the author is relying on data collected by others (secondary sources).
A summary of the main findings and the author’s interpretation of the findings.
An evaluation of the source. Consider:
How reliable is the reference as a source of information? Is the author presenting an argument without any data to support the argument? If there is data, do you think the data that the author presents actually supports the argument being made?
An explanation of how exactly will the source help you construct your article. (This question is by far the most important! So make sure you are explicitly clear about how your sources are going to help you.)


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