Mulatto Playwright Speech

Speech #3: Playwright Speech (Five-minute limit ) Share your research and analysis from your Playwright Paper with the class, but be selective in how you organize your five minutes. Realize that the audience probably hasn’t read your selected play, so after introducing your playwright as a voice of revolt, briefly describe the plot, but then spend the majority of your time on presenting your analysis on how the play is theatre of revolt. Use examples and short quotes from the play or your research to prove your points.
Construct your speech separately from the writing of the paper. Use a speech outline, divided perhaps into three main ideas with two or three sub points for each, written as phrases, not whole sentences. Include difficult phrases, or technical information that you might want to present clearly. Whatever format, do not read from a paper for your speech! It’s fine to read a quote from an authority, or a reading from a play, but an audience will stop listening if they know they are being read to rather than spoken to. Images and short phrases in a Power Point presentation are helpful, but don’t lose sight that this is a speech, not a slide show, and you should stand in the center, away from the smart panel, so that you can focus on your audience to deliver the message clearly.


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