Must choose one topic from below 3 topics to write your term paper.

Recent Copyright Battles for Music and Movies.

Report and assess the several recent strategies used by the entertainment industries (legal, technological, and business) to prevent unauthorized copying. Evaluate the effectiveness and ethics of the methods. Describe current controversies.

Information Technology in the Service of People with Disabilities.

Report on computer-based technologies that assist people with disabilities. Consider blind people, deaf people, people who use wheelchairs, people with limited use of their hands and arms, etc. Describe some of the new tools and their impact. Discuss issues such as cost, any problems with these devices, social acceptance, etc.

Health Information on the Web.

Research and report on how the new Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) affect medical care. You might wish to examine the many Web-based health information sites and their implications in terms of benefits to the patients, reliability of the information, privacy protections, techniques being developed to rate or accredit sites, doctor-patient relations, etc.


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