Occupy Wall street vs the tea party

Topic/content Issues

Choose a current issue that is local to Georgia, your city or county, or the Atlanta area. For example, you might compare and contrast two solutions to traffic in Atlanta, or examine two solutions to Lake Lanier’s water supply.

You must remain objective and unbiased, and present both sides fairly.

Second person narration is not allowed for this essay.


Since you need to know how to write longer essays for other classes, this essay cannot be a 5 `paragraph style essay. You must be able to expand on that style of essay to write longer and more complex essays.

You must choose one of the formats (point-by-point or block) described in the linked handout.

Transitions and linking ideas (organizational styles) are also very important for this essay.

Research Issues:

You must have a minimum of three GALILEO sources. They may all be from the same database (such as Opposing Viewpoints or Academic Search Premier). You may not use any sources besides GALILEO sources. Since you are focusing on local issues, Lexis Nexis could be used to access newspaper sources.

There must be a balance of information from all three sources, and that information must also be balanced throughout the essay. In essay 2, we discussed the importance of providing a balance of information.

Proper format for MLA parenthetical citations is required.

Proper format for quotations is also required for this essay.

The Works Cited page must be in correct MLA format and will count as an assignment grade.


Introductions/conclusions will also evaluated more stringently.

All other criteria we`ve discussed so far is also considered.
comparing/contrasting the liberal versus conservative elements ,\.You may have to choose a point in time to end further research and write the paper on what has happened.Remember that a comparison/contrast essay (or any essay, for that matter) does not have to have three points.


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