Organisations Law

Assessment details:
1. A client seeks advice from you in relation to establishing a food or beverage business. (You may be able to write about the establishment of an alternative type of business, however, please discuss this with your lecturer prior to commencing your research.) In order to be highly successful in this task, you are required to be creative, which means choosing an idea that will allow you to explore and show your depth of understanding of the relevant regulatory framework. For example, rather than a standard city café or restaurant, maybe your client wants to establish a boutique brewery or a goat farm making cheese and yoghurt.
2. In your assignment you should first briefly clarify what sort of business is planned by your client, and then explain the main steps needed to establish that business, which will involve understanding the particular regulatory environment for your
client’s specific business. You are also required to critically analyse the possible business entities that your client could use to conduct their business. You should also advise your client of the most appropriate entity/entities for their business
now and in the future.
3. Note that in this assignment, you are only required to discuss entities rather than trading structures eg, don’t discuss joint ventures or franchises.


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