Paul Klee (painter)

details of the artists life (childhood into adulthood)
_content & key concepts of their work, etc.
_ influence on the direction of art during their lifetime, if relevant
You can include the following if you’d like:
_analyze one of their artworks*
*Make sure to import a copy of the image you analyze into the paper (the space for the picture is in addition to the 3 pages of text).
Make sure that your name and class section are on the top of the paper and a bibliography (minimum of 3 resources) is on a separate page at the end. The majority of the paper must be written in your own words. You may not take the entire content of your paper directly from one or more websites even if you properly cite it. If you do so, you will not receive any credit for the paper. If you are caught plagiarizing in any way, you will be turned into the Dean of Students and appropriate action will be taken.
resources at least two from internet


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