Peer Review

Read through the proposal that you have received, and prepare a review for the author. In your peer review, you should summarize the main objective of the authors proposal. You should identify strengths of the authors proposal and also offer suggestions, including possible alternative approaches to the topic or extensions to the proposed topic.

How the author choose this topic your reading is from the first assignment we had to do which was:

In your topic proposal, you will identify the industry or policy setting that you has chosen to study. In addition, you will present a summary of the game that you think best represents the strategic interaction of the players. This summary should identify: the key decision makers; the main action choices from which each player is choosing; the incentives of each player; and a proposed method of modelling the strategic interaction, such as using the extensive form to represent a sequential-move game, or the normal form to represent a simultaneous-move game.

So what you have to do is read the attached peer review and prepare a review for the author as stated in the first paragraph, which explains the instructi


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