Prayer In Islam

1)Pleaase !! read the following word document carefully !!!!!!!
2) make sure you read the following books
3) Pray In islam Only not anything else

The assigned paper topic is as follows:
You will be asked to write a paper on a particular practice in Islam, You will considered the way in which that practice shapes the main character(s) and influences how he or she understand his or her identity within a pluralist culture. You should draw on insights about modernity, pluralism, and practices gained from Barron’s book. You will discuss one of the practices within one of the religious traditions below, drawing on the example of how that practice is embodied by the characters of the novel and how it impacts their sense of place within their community and the wider culture.

The purpose of the paper project is at least threefold: 1) to evaluate your ability to formulate a thesis and develop that thesis throughout a cogent and creative piece of written work relating to the study of religious traditions. 2) to help you develop a deeper understanding of a particular religious tradition through focused attention on its life and practices, and 3) to help you better understand the place of religious traditions within a pluralist culture

The first stage of the paper will be to discuss the role of practices in maintaining religious traditions, particularly within a pluralist context. You should then state your choice of practice and tradition (e.g., “Judaism: observing festivals”) and give a one- or two-paragraph summary of the section in Barron that discusses your specific practice.

1. First, write 1 ½ to 2 ½ pages answering the following question, based solely on the readings we have already done: Why does modern (enlightenment), pluralist culture present a challenge for maintaining religious traditions, according to Barron and Portier? Why does Barron present the idea of practices as a possible corrective? You should also give your reaction to this argument, but make sure you first fully understand and present the author’s points. Feel free to use other readings if they are helpful.

a. Prayer (cf. Barron 53-57) in Islam

3. Give a one- to two-paragraph summary of the section in Barron that discusses your specific practice. Simply summarize, in your own words, what Barron has to say.

N.B. – Barron is obviously discussing Christianity. Ultimately, you will be discussing another tradition. Yet what Barron has to say about your particular practice in the context of the Christian tradition maay apply to other traditions. You will sort this out later. For now, just summarize.
After you’ve had some time to think about your topic, you will submit a thesis statement and outline of the main points that you will make to argue that thesis. Your thesis statement will appear at the top of the first page and the outline will follow.

Developing a Thesis:
The important first step of your paper is developing a thesis (an argument) out of your topic. Your thesis doesn’t have to be earth-shattering, but it does have to be a clear, arguable claim about a set of texts. A thesis answers the following question: What is the one point that you are going to argue in this paper?

Developing an Outline:
The outline itself can take many different organizational forms depending upon how you think and write, but should work in the following manner. After you develop your thesis, you need to develop sub-points (or smaller arguments that will establish the thesis) in consultation with the relevant texts. You should have 8–12 of these. They should be organized in some fashion (i.e. by topic, by importance, by strength…etc.) and underneath them should be various explanatory notes and textual references that support them.

Submitting Outlines and Papers:
1. The outline, first draft, and final draft of the paper MUST be submitted to me BOTH in hard copy and on Isidore by class time on the due date.
2. A hard copy of all previous graded work on the paper project must be turned in at each subsequent stage of the project. That is, your graded outline must be turned in with your first draft, and your outline and first draft must be turned in with your final draft.

After you’ve revised your outline based on comments and in light of your ongoing reading and review, you’ll be ready to flesh out your outline into a prose essay. You should have an introductory paragraph that sets up and contains your thesis. Then, each of your sub-points should be expanded into a paragraph (some may take two paragraphs) in which you develop that point by offering support from course texts.


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