Program Observations

Purpose for this: Expand your knowledge of exercise programs for diverse populations (e.g., older adults, pregnancy or post-partum) or individuals with chronic conditions(e.g., cardiac or pulmonary rehab, arthritis aquatic programs) by observing TWO programs. Observe how theoretical concepts learned in the classroom are applied in community and clinical exercise program.

Written report

Part 1: For each observation, include name of site, department(if any), address, phone number, and contact person with whom you spent the the most time and/or made the appointment with.

Part 2: DESCRIBE what you observed. Include program participants (no name), staff, equipment, facilities, exercise and activities(e.g., aerobic, strength, flexibility, warm-up and cool down activities, group and/or individual exercise), type of monitoring, educational components, etc.

Part 3: COMMENT on and DISCUSS what you observed. Part 3 should be a critique of the program – a critique is a critical evaluation. For example:
a. How did the programs compare to guidelines presented in class and in your text?
b. What are the strengths of the programs you observed?
c. What are the weaknesses of the programs you observed?
d. What parts of the program were expected?
e. What surprised you about the program, participants, or staff?
f. Do you have recommendations or suggestions that you feel would strengthen the programs?

Part 4: Provide FEEDBACK on the programs and the assignment.
a. Did you learn anything new from your observations? If not, explain how YOU could make the experience more valuable.
b. Would you recommend these sites to future students?
c. Was this valuable assignment? If not, how could it be made more relevant and valuable?


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