Project: Recruitment Ad: Interview Questions

The next step in helping the agency with which you are consulting is to help them write a job ad for the position you described in the Unit 4 project. There are many choices as to where your ad could appear depending on the type of position, such as various local papers, professional journals, the state job line, and various online job sites. Use the template provided for this assignment. You will note where the ad will appear as well as the content. You are limited to a half-page ad or less (approximately 150 words) because of budget constraints, although your ad will have a link to the job description (which you will include in the appendix of this paper).
In addition to the job ad, create a list of 10–20 questions that you suggest should be used in the job interview. Note that the template has a grid provided for this element of the assignment that includes a column for the questions and another column for why you suggest asking the question and what you hope to learn. Remember that the interview should take approximately 30-40 minutes, so be sure your questions will maximize the interviewing time.


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