Psychology; Drug Addiction

I need to write an Evaluative Essay using 4-5 sources and two articles. The two articles will be discussed in this paper and plus using the resources. Paper needs to be 3 pages or 4 at most and down below kind gives an idea.

I will be sending the first paper also, because that is what my topic is about!!!!!!!

To assist with ideas ask yourself a question, answer it and then support it with documented evidence. Determining criteria requires critical thinking, negotiation and consensus making. Use the three column we discussed in class to assist you with your paper (Criterion/ Evidence/ Judgment). Use a topic that is in your subject area for your final research paper. This will be a 3 page paper. Each paragraph should be a minimum of seven to ten complete sentences. You will have one inch margins, double-spaced and 12 point font, Times New Roman. You will have 4 to 5 sources for this paper. The paper will be in APA format.

This is a general idea of how to set up this essay:

Captivating Title

Section 1: Introduction
–Give titles of articles, dates, where appeared, authors (look up in use of quotes, italics, etc. in titles)
–Define/explain the issue being discussed
–End with thesis sentence which states your evaluation of the articles
A sample thesis might be:
“Even though both Jones and Smith write persuasively about the issue of _________, Smith’s article is more persuasive because _________, _______, and ______.”

Section 2: Discuss article 1
Organization of ideas
Writing style

Section 3: Discuss article 2
Organization of ideas
Writing style

Section 4: Support your thesis as to which authors argument is stronger and why

Conclusion: Summarize main points


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