PVT Robert Knox Sneden POW Experience in the Battle of Savannah

Battle of Savannah questions that need to be answered:

1)PVT Robert Knox Sneden

(a)Who is he?

(b)Discuss his experience as a POW at Camp Lawton

(c)How does he deal with his captors?

(d)How do we know about him today?

2)Condition and Morale

(a)What was the morale of the Soldiers before the battle? During the battle?

(b)Had they been successful in previous fights?

(c)What influence did the weather and terrain have on the morale of the unit?

(d)What measures had the combat leaders taken to improve morale?

(e)What effect did public opinion at home have on the state of morale?

(f)Did the Soldiers believe in the cause of the fight?

(g)What was the state of health of the Soldiers?

3)Law of War / Enemy Prisoners of war

(a)What were the established laws of land warfare during that time?

(b)Were they written? Unwritten? Accepted?
(c)What safeguards were followed regarding POW?

(d)Were prisoners released or detained in a facility? What were the nature of the facilities?

(e)How did the conflict affect/change POW operations?

(f)Analysis of the battle and how it ties in with us today


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