Raise Driving age in The United States

Write a researched argument on a narrowly defined topic and specific stance. In doing so, you should state or imply
your thesis, describe the issues surrounding the topic, negotiate differences, and provide documented support throughout.
You’ll want to pay particular attention to your Introduction and Conclusion (including tweaking them after you have
drafted and revised the body of your paper).
Audience: Peers, family, instructor. Consider what we may already know and what you want us to know.
Purpose: To adequately research, summarize the issues, negotiate the differences, and effectively argue a stance on a
narrowly defined subject. In addition, you will continue to practice and master effective communication/writing skills,
including style, tone, diction, transitions, and parallelism; appeals (ethos, pathos, logos); organizing and grouping
information; and supporting details (definition, evidence, examples, analogies, testimonies, statistics, quotes, etc).
Research: Essays, articles, and books (obviously); government documents; interviews; surveys; personal narratives
and descriptions; and so on. If it’s credible and applicable, find a way to work it into your paper. Again, you will
want to review and expand on the information from your Annotated Bibliography (as well as your Situation Analysis).
Remember: if you question whether something is common knowledge, cite the idea/wording to be safe.


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