Reflection Paper : Latin American Theology of Liberation

***Assignment Guidelines:
A short three-page reflection after watching the movie Romero. The purpose of this assignment is to reflect critically with the readings and lectures (lecture uploaded) in light of the insights observed through the movie. The paper should include their personal theological beliefs and contexts to the discussion. Remember, however, that theological reflection includes at least four dimensions: Scripture, tradition, reason, and experience. To solely quote Scripture or focus only on personal experience is not theology per se. No additional reading other than assignments and watching the movie is required for this assignment.
Use the following schema:
I. Introduction
The introduction should include the title of the movie and the particular contextual theology with which you are associating it. It should also include a brief summary of the movie. For example: The movie, Spanglish seems to be a dramady about the travails of a Mexican immigrant as she works as a maid for a middle-class white family in the United States. On a deeper surface, this movie reflects some of the issues addressed by U.S. Latin@ theologies. It would be helpful to read some movie critics articles in the local newspaper to gauge how this is done in a concise way.
II. Body
The body of the paper should address some or all of the following questions:
1. How does this movie reflect the context and perspectives of the contextual theology you are considering?
2. How does this movie reflect some/ any/ all of the key issues raised by the particular contextual theology you are considering?
a. What are the key issues presented through the readings?
b. How are they demonstrated in this movie
3. Dialogue with the movie:
a. How does your context and theology provide further insights for understanding this movie?
b. How does this movie clarify, expand, and/or differ from your experience, perspective, context, and theology?
III. Conclusion
1. What insights did you gain from watching the movie after completing the readings and participating in the class discussions?
2. Would you use this film in your church to teach the insights of this particular theology?
a. If no, why not? If so, why? (Provide theological bases for your argument.)
3. What other film or medium would/ could you use to teach these theological principles in your church? Why?


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