Reflective Essay

Write a reflective paper in which you will examine your work process in researching and writing the synthesis research essay in course of WRTG 291.
Course Description
(Formerly ENGL 291. Fulfills the general education requirement in communications.) Prerequisites: WRTG 101 or ENGL 101. Continued practice in critical reading, thinking, and writing skills. The objective is to analyze, evaluate, and synthesize diverse sources and viewpoints to develop persuasive and academic writing projects. Assignments include prewriting exercises, an annotated bibliography, a synthesis research essay, and a reflective paper.
Examine your work process in researching and writing the synthesis research essay and write a 500 word, well developed essay describing your knowledge about writing and grammar before the class; what you learned during the course about synthesis writing; research, and citations, and areas that you still feel underprepared for. Use and cite at least two quotations and two paraphrases from Writer’s Help in order to discuss your strengths or areas that you still want to work on. It is acceptable to use the personal pronoun “I” for this paper because it is a self analysis.


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