Reintegrative Shaming

Write a research paper on a topic of your choice relating to the
subject of comparative criminal justice. Youmay select a topic from those
listed below, or you may choose another topic of particular interest to you.
Be sure to discuss your topic with your tutor. You will find your tutor’s input
valuable in helping you form an approach to your topic and in locating
suitable resources. If you select a topic other than from the list below, you are
required to have your tutor’s approval of your topic before you beginwriting
your research paper.
TheReichel textwebsite andthe publisher’s companion website provide
ideas and resources to assist in your research.Note that, in addition to the
research you are required to do, youmust also consider howthe research can
be applied, either professionally or personally. Consult themarking guideĀ provided for this assignment. See the Libraryonline
Help Centre for basic guidelines for citing and referencing in APAstyle.
Suggested Research Paper Topics
Acomparative study of crime victimization
Comparing the criminal justice systems of one country to another,
focusing on one of the following: police, courts, or corrections
Corporal or capital punishment:Acomparative study
16 Criminal Justice 482 / StudentManual
Criminal justice and human rights
Extradition treaties
Incarceration: Retribution or rehabilitation?
Internationalmoney laundering
International police training: The RCMP experience in Kosovo
Islamic law: Sharia courts around theworld
Learning from the experience of others: Importing criminal justice
practices or policies in the Canadian criminal justice system
Policing across borders
Punishment:Acomparative study
Reforming criminal justice practice: Recommendations for change in a
particular country
Responding to multi-national organized crime
The International Criminal Court
The use of the deathpenaltyworldwide
Youth justice: Restorative models


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