Religious studies

A. Robert Barron The Strangest Way Walking The Christian Path
For each chapter, you should be able to explain the main point of the chapter, as well as how the literary example (Brideshead, Dante, Tarwater) help Barron make his point. You should also understand how the practices discussed relate to the main point of the chapter.

Specific ideas

Chapter 1 Walking the First Path Finding the Center:

1. What does it mean to suggest (as Barron does) that God love is Trinitarian?
2. What is the point Barron makes with the story of Prometheus?
3. Why does Barron talk about detachment in this chapter?
4. How are the four practices related to detachment?

Chapter 2 Walking the Second Path: Knowing You re a Sinner:

1. Why does Barron say saints are people who “know they are sinners?
2. How does this relate to the windshield analogy?
3. What does Barron suggest in distinguishing  (with a capital ) ,and what does he mean by saying sin is a disorder or dysfunction?
4. What place does grace play in the Christian idea of sin?
5. Why does Barron say Jesus judges us by his actions?
6. Why is truth-telling associate with confession and forgiveness as practices?

Chapter 3 Walking the Third Path: Realizing Your Life Is about You :

1. Why does Barron talk about Christian cosmology?
2. What does it mean to say that the universe is ordered by God?
3. What does this imply about the place of reason and faith?
4. What are the four steps of discernment Barron discusses and how does he think each step is related to placing yourself within Gods story?

Please, short answers


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