Religious studies

Please answer all questions

1. What is the relationship of Karma, Samsara & Self-Realization
b. Imagine that you are a Hindu. Describe YOUR experience of each of the 6 Yogas- Jnana, Bhakti, Raja, Karma, Tantra and Intergra Yoga
c. Anser question (B) from the first person and also show how the practice of each yoga might affect your perception of self, other and life in general

2. As a Buddhist, how might the 5 Skandhas (Name them) create an illusion of a separate, permanent self-image that you would identify as your
B. Explain how realization of Anatta & Anicca might liberate you from suffering?
C. How might Mindfulness & Impermanence lead you to Inner Peace?

3. Define & describe the relationship of Tao, Te and Yin/Yang.
b. As a Taoist, how might practice of Yin/Yang & Wu-Wei affect your life?

4. Chose one personal AND one social or global issue
B. Then choose one major principle from HINDUISM, BUDDHISM & TAOISM AND show how these principle might clarify/resolve the 2 issues.


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