Research Abstract

Individual Research for your group Technological Innovation Project:
• You must write the abstract using a qualified secondary source.
• Do not quote and do not paraphrase the original source.
o The entire abstract should be in your own words.
• The entire abstract should be written in sentence and paragraph form.
• Place the formal bibliographic entry on the top of the page.

Introductory Paragraph:
• Qualification of author(s). o Education
o Employment Experience o Note: If author is an organization:

Research Abstract
o locate the mission statement and/or manifesto to indicate interest ▪ (Commercial? Independent research?, etc.)
o Cite qualifications of principals (President, Director, Manager, etc). • State author’s main point (thesis).

Body / Discussion Section (Analysis):
• Summarize author’s main points, which include: o Author’s Analysis,
o Author’s Evaluation
o Author’s Rationale (line of reasoning) o Author’s Recommendations
• Write this abstract to a general audience.
o Try to use language that is not content specific, or
o Define key terms that a general audience might not understand.

Concluding Paragraph (Your Evaluation):
• Explain why this source is significant to your study.
• Evaluate author’s thesis and main points: Provide a brief commentary
Cite agreement and disagreement
• Point out any shortcomings of the author’s ideas (if necessary)


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