Response Paper

Use this source to answer the two required questions (Immigration and Ethnic Relations in the U.S.(Revised
Edition), published by Cognella Academic Publishing and distributed by University Readers.)

the first two pages :: Discuss what the history of immigration to the United States indicates about the nature of race/racism and/or ethnic groups (as covered in the Race and Ethnicity in the United States class/readings) and how they change over time. Instead of just briefly summarizing U.S. immigration history, make sure you are applying the concept of race and/or ethnic groups/hierarchies to your understanding of it.

the second two pages:Choose two of the issues covered in the Race and Ethnicity in the United States class/readings (race, different types of prejudice/discrimination, the nature of ethnicity, and/or ethnic hierarchies/stratification) and discuss how they are relevant to the experiences of one of the ethnic groups covered in the course (White Americans, African Americans, Asian Americans, or Hispanic/Latino Americans).


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