The process of simulation is very useful in examining the structure of the organisation practically and how the organisation is functioning by the strategies which are utilised by its leaders in taking the decisions for the effective functioning of the organisation. The changes which take place in the organisation are the decisions which are taken by the top level management will have a major impact on the functioning of the organisation. The “strategic imperatives” (Dave, 2005) which we are going to discuss are “customer intimacy” (Dave, 2005), which mainly focuses on the process of customer relationship, “product leadership” (Dave, 2005), it mainly focuses on the innovation of new products, “operational excellence” (Dave, 2005), and it mainly focuses on the management of the infrastructure in the organisation.

In the process of simulation, we were divided into teams in which each team consisted of six members. While starting our simulation, we were given a time constraint of two hours. We were very curious about our topic as what to start and how to start our topic. Our simulation took place on an organisation called VTI Mobotics. In this we choose to give the primary priority for the product leadership as 41%, 30% for customer intimacy and 29% for operational excellence.

After we started our session we first discussed to the issue of accepting the decision which was supported by majority of our team members. While we are on the way of our discussion we automatically deviated the topic from our goal through our arguments and when we realised that we are not proceeding towards our goal and no one noticed that we are running out of time.  Again when we were on the right track and proceeded towards our rationale, everyone proposed towards the new product development and the change in the breakthrough of the product design. In the initial stages of our meeting, some of the team members disagreed with our goal product leadership. But with the support of the other team members we have convinced them and moved towards our goal.

The primary thing which we need to remember in our simulation is the factor of time constraint. While proceeding through our topic, in the strategy of communication, most of us proposed to have a companywide meeting as this would allow all the employees to hear the message from the same person at a same time. In the process of discussion, some of the team members argued that the process of manufacturing is a time taking process and involves huge amount of money. But the other team members supported our suggestion by suggesting the proposal of taking the feedback from the customers that can improve the quality of the production and our service. While coming to the part of marketing recommendations, everyone proposed to create a pull effect in the market about the new product which we are going to produce. So that it can create an anxiety among the customers and they can think of it. Moreover we are planning to set up the marketing team to gather the information from the customers and to target the market.

Therefore we completed the simulation report by not exceeding our specified time. The results were in a convincing state as our primary focus was on “product leadership” (Dave, 2005) which we have specified a goal of 41% and our next targets were “customer intimacy” (Dave, 2005) and “operational excellence” (Dave, 2005) which we achieved by 30% and 29%. Although we had some quite differences in the “customer intimacy” (Dave, 2005) and “operational excellence” (Dave, 2005) but our primary goal “product leadership” (Dave, 2005) is fully achieved. By working as a group, we were able to make changes for the proposal which has helped us to achieve our goals in a successful manner.



Simulation Experience

This was the first time I am dealing with the simulation with a group and this helped me a lot in learning the process and how to solve the conflicts in a team and precede the team in achieving the goals of the organisation. While dealing with various decisions, everyone has their own ideas and they have the right to express. But the problem is that only the idea which was supported by majority of the team members is supported and taken into consideration. In the initial stages, this has created lot of conflicts among the team members as some of them are not satisfies by the decisions which were supported by the remaining team members. But its our duty to convince the team members and to resolve the conflicts which occurred in the team in order to achieve our goals.







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