social change

This class will culminate in a research paper that is due the last week of class. This is the final assignment in this class. You will select the one aspect of society that you think will experience the greatest amount of social change over the next ten years and explain why you think this is the case. This research paper must be at least 1200 words, and you must include a minimum 5 current academic sources (sources within the past five years) and follow APA format. Please note: you may not use Wikipedia, any encyclopedia, or any dictionary as a source for this paper. You must research this topic and express your view on how this social institution/phenomenon will change over the next ten years.

Make sure you answer the following questions and include the following information on your topic:

What is changing?
How much, how fast, and in what direction?
What are the engines driving change?
What data is there to demonstrate that this change is likely to continue and is occurring?
Why do you believe this topic will experience more social change than other areas/topics in the next ten years?
Which theory of social change (functionalist, conflict, or symbolic interaction) best explains this change and why?


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