Here’s the scenario: You are working at a healthcare facility and it has been determined that the employees need to improve their communication skills. The facility has identified three areas of communication: verbal (use of words), non-verbal (use of body language) and using symbols (using pictures aka think pictionary here) as ways of communicating. You have been asked to develop an ‘activity’ for one of these styles(nonverbal). What is an ‘activity’? An activity is an educational procedure designed to stimulate learning by firsthand experience. To put that in other words, a group participation experience that will teach something about one of the three types of communication. To help you find activities that could adapt for this, google it! (Use things such as communication activities, nonverbal communication activities and so on.)

1.The first paragraph of your initial post needs to be a minimum 50 word paragraph, stating the form of communication non-verbal you were assigned and describe this form of communication including the importance of this style of communication in healthcare.
2.Activity (use the format below to describe your activity) 1.Name of activity:nonverbal communication
2.Number of participants would be best for doing this activity:
3.Goal: What part of your type of communication is this working on (ie. in verbal communication it might be something like clarity of message, you will have to think this one through)
4.DETAILED description of your activity. Anybody reading this should be able to know exactly how to implement/do this activity.
5.Once the activity is over, how will you process/discuss this activity with the participants.


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