Starbucks Corp.

Please provide the information from Starbucks corporation from the Macro Environment Situation

Macro Environment Situation
1. Economic trends: (Inflation rate, unemployment rate, exchange rate, GDP, Debt, Trade Balance, etc. as they relate to the company’s and competitor’s operations.)
2. Technological trends: (What are the company’s or industry’s technologies? Are they mature, stable, or new and evolving? Are there other relevant technologies to consider?)
3. Political and legal issues: (Are there law, regulations, tariffs, duties, quotas, and such that affect the company and its competitors’ activities or strategies?)
4. Social and cultural trends: (What are the trends related to social/cultural demographics characteristics of the market, such as age, gender, psychographic, behavioral, family size, migration, language and cultural issues that could affect the market demand?)
5. Natural Environment issues: (What the relevant issues as to the use, sustainability, pollution, or destruction of natural resources, such as air, water, soil, land space, trees, energy sources, etc.?)


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