Summary of the interview with my Mentor

Summary of the interview with my Mentor

My mentor named DiStefano, Kelly. She works at AEG Live/Concerts West.Because she comes from newyork, she knows how hard to adjusting to a New Job and life Environment. I need to figure out how to get used to the new environment that I am working in. And she gives me some useful tips. Bula bula bula……………………

Also, I talk about something about summer internship in US. Because I am an International student, visa status will be the big problem for me. Thus, in order to catch up with others I should work harder than other people. She said I need to take advantage of every opportunity, and continually attempted to follow them.

Every week our class will invite a guest speaker who has a really solid background and amazing job in media industry to have a great speech to us. Those guests will encourage us and help us to understand better of our job and future. Also, some of them will leave an email or contact information.

My mentor suggested me to sent a follow up email to keep in touch with those people. And start to build a connection with them.. bula bula bula…

I remember she told me one sentence “one short email will never hurt” She told me she succeeded in finding this amazing job by dint of steadfast application and she got reward for persistent effort. Bula bula …

Conclusion. This is a summary of the interview with my Mentor.
I already write some basic information and story for the paper.
Could you help me to rewrite it and make this paper more substantial? Please round out filling with some interesting details and pay attention about grammar mistakes.
Thanks a lot !


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