ted talks

1) Write a story or an example about how you have applied/used a technology and how it affected you.The story should be about 300 words in length its ok if its a bit longer.

2)Select three of the following ted talks and listen to them at and enter the speaker and talk title in the search field to access your selected TEDtalks :-

1) JULIAN Treasure: 5 ways to listen better
2) Jonathan Dori: What we think we know
3) Daniel Tammet :Different ways of knowing

-For each of the three selected ted talks identify the main idea being presented do this by writing 2 sentences.

– For each of your selected ted talks develope a question based on what intereseted you within the ted talk.

-For each of your selected tedtalks identify what you think is a (significant statement) or (question) said by the speaker .Refer to the “interactive transcript ”
field to the upper right of the video field on your selected ted talks.

-For each of your three selected ted talk make a three rating on a scale of 0(neg)-10(pos) for how interesting , inspirational.


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