Terrorism and Homeland Security

This part must be accessed from website at my school.
Anytown, USA Video Simulation

1) Access and view the Anytown, USA video simulation by clicking on it or locating it in the Multimedia tab in Canyon Connect. The simulation will provide you your password. Once you obtain your terrorist faction number, record it for future use. If you lose your faction number, you will not be able to gain access to the simulation or to the specific terrorist group you will research. This will prohibit you from completing the assignments for this course. If you need assistance, use the Key in the Help menu to look up the terrorist group you will research should you forget.

2) Mouse over the zones presented in the simulation. Begin noting your observations about the data provided in the simulation for use throughout this course.

Anytown, USA Law Enforcement Tactical Threat Analysis

1) Scenario: Homeland Security has alerted the mayor of Anytown, USA about a possible terrorist attack. As police chief of Anytown, you are to compose your threat analysis for the mayor for counterterrorism purposes. This analysis will deal strictly with possible terrorist attacks on the Anytown community.

2) In this assignment, you will create and present a law enforcement tactical threat report based on your threat analysis of Anytown, USA using the data obtained from the simulation as well as outside research. For a review of what a tactical threat analysis determines, review the “Law Enforcement Intelligence” guide, pages 83 and 151-153, located at

3) For complete assignment instructions, read “Anytown, USA Law Enforcement Tactical Threat Analysis,” located in the Additional Resources folder in Canyon Connect.

4) This assignment uses a grading rubric that can be viewed at the assignment’s drop box.

5) Submit the assignment to the instructor at the end of Module 8.

Law Enforcement Tactical Threat Analysis: Target Assessment Essay Draft

1) Develop a draft (750-1000 words) of your Target Assessment Essay, which will be a vital part of your final Law Enforcement Tactical Threat Analysis. In this assignment, you will assess the possible targets of Anytown, USA.

2) Based on the history, statements, threats, and nature of the terrorist group—along with its ideology—write an analysis determining the probable targets in Anytown, USA.

3) Use the information from the simulation in these areas to alert local government of target threats:

i) Blueprint layout information:

(1) Chart possible red-zone, high-alert areas.

(2) Describe the vulnerabilities of the targets.

(3) Provide possible evacuation routes.

ii) Inventory alert areas of targets:

(1) Explain why local government should be aware of these threats.

4) After the draft is submitted at the end of Module 5, he instructor will provide commentary on your draft, which you will then use as a basis for revising this section. The revised section will then become part of the complete Law Enforcement Tactical Threat Analysis due in Module 8. Refer to the “Law Enforcement Tactical Threat Analysis” assignment instructions, located within the Additional Resources folder in Canyon Connect, as needed.

5) Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.

a) Directly quoted source material may not exceed 10% of paper content.

b) Use sources other than Wikipedia, as it is not considered an acceptable source for use in academic writing.

6) This assignment uses a grading rubric that can be viewed at the assignment’s drop box.

7) Submit this assignment to the instructor by the end of Module 5


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