the analytical essay on the enlightenment and romantic movement

using the dominant ideas and values of the enlightenment project and those of the romantic movement as your theoretical context
a. discuss how the key ideas about nature and humanitys relationship to nature are represented in the films ‘into the wild’ and ‘deliverance’
b.include in your response a discussion of the extent to which these films present a critique of these movements.

marking critera:
1. identify the different prespectives on nature held by the protagonists of ‘into the wild’ and ‘deliverance’ and differentiate between the characters perspectives and those of the film-makers
2. relate these perspectives to the key ideas and values of the enlightenment and romantic movements
3. identify the ways in which the protagonists attitudes to nature are expressed in their practices.
4. identify any conflicts that arise from different perspectives on the enviroment and different ways of realting to it
5. identify any social or economic implications arising from the perspectives identified
6.effectively apply the conventions of academic essay-writing and citation.


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