The case of Alan and his family.

How to begin: Read the fictional narrative. It was written by a professor to include or allude to concepts covered in your psychology course. There are over 15 such concepts embedded in the narrative.
Task: Write an essay of 400-600 words that identifies at least 3 concepts about psychology that are alluded to in the fictional narrative. For each concept, clearly identify the passage in the narrative that you think exemplifies this concept. Also, you must identify the concept by as many of the following as possible:

The name of the concept using psychological terminology

If the concept is associated with a particular theory or theorist, include that information

The general perspective or approach to psychology that the concept falls under (e.g. behavioral, psychodynamic, cognitive, developmental, humanistic, biological, evolutionary, etc.).

A brief description of the concept, in your own words

Finally, give your opinion as to whether the concepts you note are related to each other. If they are related, say how. If they are not related, then explain why.


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