the case of Humanitarian Intervention

You are required to submit a research paper that describes the origins and implications of the subject covered in the article and gives your well-argued opinion on the topic.

Your essay should include a brief summary of the argument and main points made by the author, highlighting the historical, social, political, cultural, geographical or technological facets to the issue using documented secondary sources.

The main focus of your paper, however, should be a well-argued opinion on the authors perspective. You will be assessed on how well you can argue your opinion, and back it up with properly cited references.

Your paper should include a bibliography with at least four primary and/or secondary sources, if your topic allows one of these sources should be a published source from the library.

Acceptable academic/scholarly secondary sources will be defined as being either articles published in peer reviewed journals or books that are based on research, contain citations and a bibliography (if in doubt see attached criteria provided by the University of Sydney), Please avoid Wikipedia and other non-academic sources.


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