The Last Graduation (film)

The Last Graduation (film)

the class could " AFRICAN AMERICAN HISTORY "

Each student will write a three page paper in response to one of our books (Loury; Wilson; and West & Nelson) as well as a paper in response to one of our films. The response paper for the book is due on the day we are scheduled to discuss the book in class.

You are to think and write about how the book or film relates to larger issues of the course and to events discussed in my lectures and in our class conversations. No outside sources are necessary. Please use the following format as a guideline:

1. Summarize the author’s key points and/or the basic
narrative storyline.

2. Discuss in detail one or two of the elements of the text
that strike you as particularly interesting or significant. How are
these elements related to other things you know and/or to other texts and issues we have discussed in class? Do these elements relate to any of the core themes of the course? If so, how?

3. Tell me how reading the text affected you. What questions does it
raise in your mind? What does it make you think about?

Papers in response to a book or short story are due on the first day of our discussion of that text. Papers in response to a film are due in the class meeting immediately following the screening.


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