The Role of Promotion in Marketing

For the product or service you chose in (Southwest Airlines), discuss how promotional strategy is influenced by the choice of target market and segment by answering the following questions.

(1) Which components of the promotion mix are being used?

(2) Do you believe promotional strategies are appropriate to the target market? Why or why not?

(3) Would online marketing have a role in promoting this product or service?

For this paper, you are expected to use references and to properly cite those references. Also, please use logic and reasoning, reference to the background material, and be analytical and critical rather than merely summarizing what you read.

This paper needs to have an introduction, sub-headings throughout, and a conclusion.


The topics included in the study of promotion are:
1. Advertising,
2. Personal Selling,
3. Sales Promotion,
4. Publicity, and
5. Public Relations


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