Theory Critique and Application Paper

A.    Purpose:  This paper will provide you the opportunity to explore a nursing theory, to demonstrate critical thinking, and to develop written communication skills.

B.  Content
1.  Introduction
•    Identify the theory
•    Briefly state reasons for selecting the theory
•    Provide an overview of the paper

2.  Content
•    Provide an overview of the paradigmatic origins of the theorist.
•    Provide an overview of the education and experiential background of the theorist.
•    Provide definitions of the concepts of the metaparadigm of nursing according to the theory.
•    Describe other concepts of the theory.
•    Describe relationships among concepts in the theory.
•    Include assumptions .
•    Include a diagram/model of the theory.
•    Provide a critique of the theory using the model provided in Marriner-Tomey.
•    Describe how the theory is applied in education, practice, research and administration.
•    Describe specifically how to apply this theory in nursing practice in your APN role.

3.    Summary:  Review major points in the paper
.  Other requirements
1.  Use APA format
2.  Include an abstra


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