Therese of Lisieux

write about Therese of Lisieux. Write bout her life concentrating on her works and what she was famous for. And include answers to these questions within the paper:
1. Who was Dorothy day and the catholic worker movement and why did she admire the teachings of Therese of Lisieux?
2. Why is Therese also known as “little flower”? What did she teach to give her this affectionate title?
3. How did the French milieu in the late 1800s contradict the practice and beliefs of Therese’s family of origin, the Martins. What political movements in France at that time created this difference of world views?
4. Therese experienced many llosses which affected her greatly. Enumerate these losses and explain how they influenced her writings. Do you think her death at age 24 makes her work less important? Why or why not?


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