Top Trip

Plan a complete trip (7-10 days) to a city/country outside of North America and on a continent other than your heritage

What to include:

•   Table of Contents (so I know where to find everything)

•   Complete flight and hotel information

(use sites like “Travelocity”, “Expedia”, etc.)

•   Descriptions of at least 7 mainstream sites/activities & 1 non-mainstream site/activity (this should be part of the daily journals)

•   Descriptions of public transportation used, food eaten, and souvenirs purchased

•   Pictures of each site/activity, transportation, food, souvenirs, and people

•   Overhead images of each site /activity visited using “” (Without these, your score is lowered by 40%)

•   Detailed journal entries describing each days’ events

(must be at least 1 typed page per day – double-spaced/Times New Roman font/size 12 font.  Be creative yet informative)


  • Include a “works cited” page at the end for all images used


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